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Top 3 Tiny Homes in Ottawa

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February 21, 2023

Tiny homes allow owners and renters to live within their means. In addition to paying a lower cost on maintenance and utilities, contractors like us provide lower estimates on custom designs. The top three tiny homes in Ottawa came from our company.  

What are the top tiny homes in Ottawa? Which ones catch the eye, increase the quality of living, and will appreciate in real estate value? We can list the top projects our clients have requested, designed, and admired.

Top Tiny Houses In Ottawa From OGC

We list some of the best projects on which we have worked. These mainly feature rooms and corridors where the team has performed its architecture magic.

Remember that we always factor in your needs and expectations on a specific budget. These clients specifically requested certain colors, dimensions and amenities to feature in their home. After we agreed on a budget, we proceeded and met all their expectations.

The Comfrey: Orleans

This tiny home’s design is a result of the customers’ request to have an additional house that would fit right into their backyard. The Comfrey serves as a lifetime enhancement for the family, so that future generations can enjoy the extra amenities at a lower price.

In this particular case, the owner had their mother sell their existing house and put the money into a mini home in their adult sons backyard. This is a true win-win. The property value goes up drastically, and the mother can age in place with full independence while having support from their son due to proximity.

We added a spacious kitchen with a white-based color palette. In addition, the couches fit neatly nearly into the smaller living room areas.

The Spadina: Hintonburg Coach Home

Stephanie and Ali asked for a coach house, one that would meet their expectations for spacious bedrooms and kitchens. Our goal was to provide them with a guide for how the finished results would emerge from their vision, in terms of a living room that would allow for hosting.

Transparent walls create room dividers so that the owners can both relax and entertain when preparing for special occasions. The kitchen has a compact stove and fume hood for easy cooking.  

The Camelia : Manor Park  

While we are still working on this house, we are very proud of the finished design. It has a timeline for completion within one month. The Camellia, as you can tell from the enclosed photos, fits neatly onto any lot. It connects to a matching garage and will provide all the space that an economical family needs. Slanted roofing prevents excessive sunlight and heat from entering and causing air conditioning bills to spike.

Design Your Coach House With Ottawa General Contractors

Ottawa General Contractor is the first and only tiny home specialist that understands your customer needs. Centering interior design and construction around your lifestyle will allow you to get the most value out of your home. You can bring your dream home to life while avoiding decades of debt with a standard house price.

Do you want to see the best tiny homes in the city of Ottawa? Are you interested in designing one? Then please reach out to us today to learn more about your options. Ottawa General Contractors will answer all your questions and lay the foundation for a new home.

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