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Tricks to Make A Home Look Bigger & Larger

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February 27, 2013

Feeling stressed and wanting to change? When it comes to change, sometimes the smallest things can have a very big impact. This blog gives great, easy to implement ideas on how to make your small place seem bigger. Making a home space look larger is about creating atmosphere with your homes floor plan and layout. Creating an atmosphere at home is not simple, but it is easy. Create the atmosphere you want, whether it's warm and welcoming or energetic and vibrant - make yourself feel at home.

Tired of living in a small place?

The Less the Better: Having less furniture, needles to say, the more furniture the less spacious the room becomes. It is better to have large few pieces of furniture rather than many small ones. Placing of the furniture is vital as it can open or close the area. Plus paintings and small unnecessary stuff in a room, makes the room seem smaller. The ideal number of paintings in a regular room is usually 2 or 3, otherwise it seems very crowded. Of course it depends on the size of the room. Always keep the room clean and tidy, try to make it a habit.

Large scale flooring and same type of flooring through different rooms: Another trick is by having a large scale flooring. It gives an illusion, making the whole room seem wider. As well as having a consistent large scale flooring through different rooms. Different flooring’s sets limit to the room and doesn't make the whole house flow, using the same flooring through rooms however widens the house.

Neutral Colored Walls: They might seem boring but you can control the whole look of the room by the contrast of the colorful furniture or paintings you add. Neutral color are easy on the eyes and gives the room an airy atmosphere, which makes the room seem bigger. On the contrary, it is less likely that you get bored of neutral colored walls as it is relaxing to stay in such a room especially for the bed and living rooms. Plus even if you want to add colour to the room, remember that the less pattern the more space.

Add Mirrors and Windows: adding mirrors makes the room look wider especially thick mirrors that reflect lots of light. Also windows add lots of space. A good trick that gives double the benefit is having a mirror facing the window as it reflects the light and makes it seem as if there is some extra space. In addition, try not to cover the windows with dark curtains, if you want curtains you can have soft colored slightly transparent ones.

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