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Valuable Home Additions

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October 31, 2017

Valuable Home Additions

Of course the main reason that you're looking into a potential home addition is so you can enjoy the space in the present time. Maybe you're adding a three seasons room to entertain guests over coffee in the Autumn or adding space to your home so that you can add extra bedrooms? Either way, first and foremost you want an addition that you'll make use of. That being said, part of being a responsible homeowner is continually adding value to your biggest investment. In this regard, your addition should also hold some long term improvement on the marketability of your home to future buyers. If you can enjoy the renovation now, but still recoup your project costs when it comes time to sell your home that's what we like to call the perfect renovation. Here are some examples of popular valuable home additions in Ontario.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Rooms that are a necessity are always going to have interest to potential buyers. The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house and the bathroom is a necessity. These two rooms are always going to be the first suggestion for an addition. You wouldn't necessarily add on to your home in Ottawa to make a new kitchen, but the extra space can be used to expand the one that is currently there which could legitimately recoup 100% or more when it comes time to sell. Another option could be adding a kitchenette in your basement to help make it viable as an independent living space. Bathroom additions in Ottawa will definitely add value to your house. There's a huge gain in appeal when you go to a two or even three bathroom home. Extra bathrooms add convenience not only to you, but to potential buyers – especially ones with large families. A large family might think your home is a perfect fit, but not having enough bathrooms is a deal breaker.

Master Bedroom Addition in Ottawa

9 out of 10 real estate agents say that the kitchen is the #1 room that sells a home. The other almost unanimously is the master bedroom. Expanding your liveable space to create a bigger master bedroom – one with walk-in closets and a large attached bathroom once again often recoups more than what is invested. Plus it's the room you likely spend the most time in, why not make it as comfortable as possible?

Creating an Attic Bedroom

It's not an addition in the traditional sense that you're building onto your home, but adding a bedroom where your attic is creates useable space out of dead air. Sure attic storage is valuable, but not as profitable as converting the attic into a third or fourth bedroom. You'll also have the added advantage of insulating the attic when you finish it, thus cutting down on utility bills.

Decks and Patios

Once again maybe not a home addition in that you're adding space to your actual house – but deck and patio construction is very valuable. You'll be creating an outdoor entertaining area that doesn't require air conditioning to use. You'll also be turning essentially 'dead' lawn space into functional useable square footage. Finally, a deck or patio adds immense curb appeal and makes your home at least appear larger to passersby. Contact us for more information about additions and finishing projects that can add value to your home.

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