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Zero House: The Home of the Future?

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February 28, 2014

The world is becoming more crowded, and it’s no secret that unless we start building homes in a more energy efficient, affordable way, we’re going to run into some problems. But one company may have already come up with a solution: ZeroHouse. The Zero House is a completely self-sufficient, easily assembled house for up to four people, and it can go anywhere. Yes, anywhere.

Because the home comes prefabricated and has self-sufficiency, owners of the Zero House won’t be limited by location. Living off the grid in comfort is completely possible with the Zero House. You can get really creative with your location, as the Zero House can be built even in 10 ft deep water, and on angles as sharp as 35 degrees.

So how does the Zero House maintain itself? Through a number of sensors, the house automates a series of processes whenever needed. It continuously gathers energy through high-efficiency solar panels, and stores enough to power the home for a whole week. Zero House also gathers rain water, channeling it to gravity-fed plumbing. It also converts all organic waste into compost that need only be cleaned out bi-annually.

The ZeroHouse has 650 Square feet of interior living space, but that is supplemented by two large covered terraces. For $350,000, you can purchase the Zero House and have it shipped to your location.

Do you think that you could live in the Zero House? We think we’d love it. But you don’t need to make the full leap to live in a more environmentally friendly way. If the Zero House has inspired you to make sustainable renovations to your current home, contact us today for a free quote!

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