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Looking to Renovate Your Master Bedroom? 3 Amazing Master Bedroom Ideas

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April 27, 2021

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why shouldn’t you sleep in a room that helps you have sweet dreams? A disorganized or uninspired bedroom makes it difficult to relax; it also probably doesn’t help with your attitude in the mornings.

Your bedroom could be the focal point of your family time – perhaps you snuggle your children, hang out with your pets, and read in bed while in your master bedroom. A depressing or dingy master bedroom won’t help you have relaxing gatherings.

The good news is that master bedroom remodels are perhaps one of the cheapest projects to do. You don’t have to install any windows or remove structural objects; most times, all you need to do is do a little deep cleaning and a little surface work. Unless, of course, you decide that you want a larger space to call your master bedroom.

In this article, we’re going to give you some master bedroom ideas to guide you in your remodeling work.

First Things First

Are you ready to change your bedroom? The first thing that you need to do before you get started is do a little thinking and consider the things listed below:

What Are Your Needs?

What has to change in your bedroom to help you feel happy? Is your master bedroom too dark? Do the outside noises keep you up at night? Can it all be fixed with some furniture rearranging?

What Kind of Style Do You Want?

What kind of master bedroom do you desire? An airy, bright bedroom or a cozy, dark den of slumber? Pick a style so that you can stick to it to avoid getting derailed on your project.

Figure Out Your Limits

Are you in love with the idea of having stark, white bed linen but have two black dogs that sleep next to you every single night? You should pick bedroom components that align with your habits and lifestyle.

What Do You Use Your Bedroom For?

Do want more room in your master bedroom than sleep? Do you also use it as an office? A movie theater? If there’s no way to keep your bedroom for sleeping alone, then you need to take into account the other uses for your bedroom.

Now that you know where to start when remodeling your bedroom, let’s get into some master bedroom ideas that you can use to put those dreams into reality.

Purge and Organize

Similar to other home remodeling projects, a big part of the remodeling process involves throwing away stuff that you no longer need.

If you like to read in bed, do you need a pile of books on your bedside table? Instead, put books you have or haven’t read onto your bookshelf or give them to a library – this is a great idea if you read books mostly on your Kindle.

Your closet can be found in your bedroom, so this is a great time to go through your clothes and donate or throw away any shoes, coats, and clothing that you no longer wear. If you also have a linen closet, consider organizing it and getting rid of old, ripped towels and sheets.

Get Good Lighting

There are ways to identify a well-designed room by the type of lighting that is used in the room – it’s always at the right brightness for the time of day that it’s turned on. Do you feel that your room is suffering from too much light exposure? Recessed pot lights are great for living rooms, but they use so much electricity and can be overwhelming in a bedroom. Instead, consider the idea of having a dimmer; these usually cost between $60 to $100, to reduce the overhead glare.

Or you could have a problem with dim lights that strain your eyes. In both of these cases, you could benefit from a few well-placed lamps that help increase the visibility without overloading the senses. Plus, lamps are cheap accessories for the bedroom. You can purchase a new one, or you can re-purpose an old one by purchasing a new lampshade.

Add Space

Once you’ve figured out the features you want in your master bedroom, you need to figure out how it’s going to be built. You can add space to your room by getting rid of interior walls; you can add to your home’s footprint, or even add a story to your home. What you can do depends on a few factors.

If you have the yard space and your local zoning covenants and laws allow, you can add space onto your home by taking down an exterior wall and expanding on your lot. Your contractor will need to look over deed restrictions and zoning regulations to make sure that the project is complying with rules for lot coverage and setback.

If you can’t expand your home’s footprint, you might have to consider taking over another space and removing interior walls to connect two rooms. This will give you extra space for your master bedroom.

It’s possible to add an extra story to your home to accommodate a master bedroom. However, you must hire a contractor to figure out if your foundation can handle the excess weight.

Final Thoughts

You’ve been given some master bedroom ideas that you can use to help you design your dream master bedroom. If you’re considering remodeling your master bedroom, you should talk with professional contractors to see what can be done to add space to your bedroom, create better lighting, or help you figure out a design.

The best contractors for this job are Ottawa General Contractors. They are dedicated to designing the best master bedroom for your wants and needs, and they are willing to help you throughout the entire process. So, if you’re looking to remodel your master bedroom, hire Ottawa General Contractors for the best results.

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