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Holiday Home Security Checklist

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December 17, 2014

We’ve all seen the movie Home Alone and are no strangers to the fact that the holiday season (as sparkly and joyous as it can be), presents a time where robbery and theft are at an all time high. And for those who leave town for the holidays, it is especially important to make sure your home is safe and secure.

alarm system

1. The first thing and most obvious point is to update your alarm system. Make sure to notify your alarm company that you will be out of town and provide them with a contact to reach you in case of any emergency.

cat in front of motion detector

2. Inspect your motion detectors, not only to make sure that they work but also to make sure they will not be set off by blowing curtains, pets or other harmless movement in the home.

iphone used to adjust indoor lights

3. Set manual timers for your indoor lights. What exactly do we mean by this? Set a timer for the lights inside your home, to go on and off during the evening; giving the illusion to any observers that someone is home. You can also try a remote device that allows you to “flick the switch” from your tablet or smartphone. Talk about modern home security.


4. On the same note, observers notice things such as piling newspapers. We suggest either canceling your newspaper delivery while you are away, or having a trusted neighbour collect the paper.

locked windows

5. And last, but possibly most important is to secure all portals. Most break-ins happen through ground level windows. Repair any cracks in your windows and doors and make sure all your locks work (including your garage door). For your wooden front door, consider upgrading to a heavy-duty strike plate and arming your windows with a wireless alarm. Look at this not only as added security, but as a general home improvement   Take the time to secure your home for a well-deserved & stress-free holiday getaway!

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