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Home Addition Value Guide

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November 6, 2017

How Does An Addition Add Value to a House?

No matter how creative you get with lighting, decor, and design there’s always going to be one thing inhibiting you from really making changes to your home: space. There are hundreds of tips to make a room look bigger, but the only way your house can actually be bigger is with an addition.

To some homeowners an addition can seem overwhelming. You’ve got to transition your roof into the new space and run plumbing, HVAC, electrical. All this while doing demolition on what is seemingly a perfect area of your house. While an addition may seem like a huge expense (and it can be), the truth is that the value added to a house from an addition in Ottawa offers one of the best returns on investment in the construction industry.

Improved Market Value From an Addition

One of the biggest values you’re going to get from a home add-on is the additional livable square footage. A bigger home isn’t  automatically more valuable, but more space gives you flexibility. For example, your addition might give you the ability to add an improved master bedroom with walk-in closets. This can greatly improving your home’s potential selling price.

Additions allow you to have extra rooms that will appeal to a future buyer. A fourth bedroom for example doesn’t have to necessarily be used as a fourth bedroom. A potential buyer may see it as a place to set up their home office, a craft room, or storage which may be a key buying point for them.

Peace of Mind From More Space

Undoubtedly one of the reasons that a homeowner decides on a new home addition in Ontario is to spread out their living conditions – often because their family has expanded. Kids can focus on their homework when they have their own rooms (yeah, right) but at the very least they’ll get a better night’s sleep. The extra space from an addition allows you to declutter, which experts say is crucial to improved mental health.

The Addition Can Make You Money Now

A home addition in Ottawa not only recoups the investment at the time of sale, it can be used to generate an income immediately. The extra space can generate income by giving you somewhere to explore your creative side. For a more straightforward path to income, short term rentals are very popular, especially in the right locations. The possibilities are limited by only your imagination… and bylaws.

We specialize in home additions of all sorts, everything from sun rooms to extra bedrooms to even second kitchens with an in-law suite. If you’d like more about the financial rewards from a home renovation project, contact us today.

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