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Home Gyms - Convenience & Privacy

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March 4, 2013

A home gym might be the best thing you do for yourself and your beloved family. Why go out especially during the Ottawa winter if you can have your own private small gym at your house. You want a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, then why not make it easier. Want to build a gym at home? Looking to renovate with a home gym? Ottawa General Contractors LTD are full-service home renovation experts, request a free estimate for your renovation project today.

The Advantages of Having a Home Gym

Simple put: It is more convenient, hygienic and saves you time. How? the whole process of getting ready, having to pack extra clothes and going to the gym then change your clothes, put them in a locker and then after the gym taking a shower and maybe use a gym towel which might be below your hygiene standards. Speaking of hygiene, not only using the gym towel but also the equipment itself, not everyone cleans the sweat they leave on the machines. You do not have to worry about all of those issues if you have your own gym. All of this wasted time, can be added to your exercising period. Where is the best location to put a gym at home? Ideally, a basement is the location you should consider for your home gym because of the foundation that can support the weight. With proper ventilation, a basement is the ideal location for a home gym.

Ideas For a Home Gym

First of all where do I build it: A recommended place would be a part of your finished basement. It could be a small room in the basement, this way you can better utilize your basement. For more basement ideas check our blog.

Second what do I do: Well that really depends on you. What kind of equipment do you usually use when you enter the gym (a treadmill and the bike are common in a house). You can put whichever equipment you want and the ones that you usually use in the when you go to the gym. In addition you can add a build in (in the ground ) exercise mat. The mat is really useful if you have someone in the family that does gymnastics, dancing and for kids in general. This way if they happen to fall it would be safer.

Third you have to choose exciting colors that motivate you to exercise more and boost up your energy. You don't want to have a neutral color like white or grey. Red is a great color to use for your home gym. You do not have to paint the walls you can put some cool wall paper and also have a red exercise ball. Also yellow is recommended as it boosts your self esteem and confidence level. This way while exercising you can challenge yourself. Learn More about the psychology of color in a room.

Fourth and last, needless to say a good stereo would do the perfect job to set you in the mood. Good music is essential to get your body move more. Plus having a flat screen TV is perfect for your home gym as it would distract you and this way you will spend more time exercising without watching the clock. If the gym area is small, a great idea is adding a big mirror as it adds space and give it a more modern look. Learn more about basement theaters.

Ottawa General Contractors LTD Basement Experts

Now a normal question anyone that is considering this renovation would ask is, how much will this cost? If each member of your family pays a monthly fee for the gym, in the long run wouldn't it be more cost effective if you build a home gym, with the equipment of your choice. Ottawa General Contractors LTD will give you a free quote today. Read more about the possibilities of adding a home gym in a basement.

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