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Ideas For Basement Renovations in Ottawa

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October 5, 2015

The majority of home owners have great dreams about having an ideal basement. However, the fact is most of them do not actually implement those ideas, since they find it difficult to make the right choice, leaving a spacious area in the house underutilized and empty. Unfinished basements are common in Ottawa; when a basement renovation can add significantly more space, quality and value to your home.

Ideas for Renovating your Basement in Ottawa

Ottawa General Contractors LTD will help you make the right choice, when deciding on what should be done with your basement, according to your preferences. It is a great investment that happens once or twice per lifetime. Therefore, if you want to make the perfect basement from the first time. With our professional advice being in the industry for more than 50 years, we ensure to make your dreams come true at an affordable price and the best quality. This way your empty basement will be used to its full potential and your house will feel more like home.

The Traditional Games/ Fun area

Specificity for families with kids the basement could be a fun colorful area where the kids could play games, learn, be creative, have sleepovers and spend some quality time with their beloved family.

The Contemporary Library/ Calm area

The basement could be used as an escape area. What is better than having a space to relax after a long day at work or years of working. For the elders and books lovers it is a great idea to spend time to read at a calm personal library inside your home and have a warm cup of coffee with relaxing atmosphere of eye friendly colors. Some gorgeous additional ideas for that kind of basement involve, musical instruments in the corner, plants or even colorful book cases. All these come together to create a more inviting and calm mood.

Home Gym renovation

Others might prefer to be productive with a gym/exercise, gymnastics and/ or dancing room in the basement. Practise what you love at home with surround sound music to keep you pumped.

The Modernized Basement

Modernized basements are perfect for social get together. The basement can contain a bar and a pool table for example this way it becomes the perfect area for socializing with friends and family.

Home Office

Due to the technological advances, nowadays a variety of university programs offer online courses as well as the increased number of people working from home. According to stats Canada one of the main reasons people work from home is because they find better working conditions at home. If you want to work from home then why not make home comfortable enough. Renovating the basement as an office where you can have an organized relaxing setting with a small kitchenette and a nice washroom would be an extremely comfortable area to work at, making work less stressful. Big variety Don't just pick and choose. Basements are really big and can serve multiple purposes. The only thing that's stopping your basement from it's full potential is a design. Getting a design for your basement lets you customize it as much as possible with the things you love while maintaining a functional home.

Are you Considering Basement Renovations in Ottawa?

If you want to turn your basement into a home office, an extra room, a bar, or anything else, we at Ottawa General Contractors can help. Our experienced basement renovation contractors will guide you through the design and planning process as well as ensure that all the paperwork is in order.Contact us today for more details about basement renovations and to get a free no obligation quote.

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